Thursday, January 28, 2010

1-28-10 Ruffles J-1 Event - Part 3

Thursday, January 28th

A Quiet Whale Day
As the mystery continued today there were conversations and questions all around and I wanted to write but not sure how...

...a day of questions,
...a day of theories,
...a day of emotions beginning to arise,

...yet all we can do is wait,
...wait with hope,
...gathering acceptance for whatever is to come.

...the wait may be short until answers are revealed,
...answers accompanied by sighs of relief,
...or tears of sadness. could be tomorrow that news will arrive,
...storms and seas may delay that news, could be several weeks until we know for sure. a friend said today,
..."all we know is that we all care" for the humans of the sea,

...for now it is not about boats, or yards too close or far,'s only about the well being of our friends out there.

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