Saturday, February 9, 2013

2-9-13 Vocalizing Video

Saturday, February 9th

  ...out with Capt. Jim of Maya's Westside Charters, it was an afternoon of watching what appeared to be lots of foraging behavior, accompanied with lots of play, and hours of vocalizations...the whales could be heard over the Lime Kiln and Orca Sound hydrophones throughout the afternoon and early evening.
...and as the whales were 'doing their thing' so were the passengers...some were quiet and shy, yet later exclaimed with delight that it was the best day of their life...others were 'beside themselves' with joy upon seeing a killer whale in the wild for the first time in their lives...that too brings me joy!

...I wonder how many smiles there were today for those who listened to the hydrophones as the whales spent the day being quite vocal... 

Here's some of what they may have heard...

Enjoy the whales!   Thank you!

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