Sunday, November 3, 2013

11-3-13 Going for a Whale of a Ride?

Sunday, November 3rd
Last week, while on Maya's Westside Charters, I met a couple from Australia.
I asked if they were familiar with the town of Eden, and the history about the 'killers', as they were called back then, who worked in concert with humans in killing humpback whales.
Not only were they familiar with the town, they had been there and been to the museum the history of those 'killers' is an amazing and fascinating account that spanned a long period of time.

They told me about Tom's skeleton and his missing tooth(e), allegedly from taking the rope and pulling the whalers out in their tiny boat (see the picture on that museum website)..and here's another picture of a boat they used...a wonderment.   There is a book written about the account...The Killers of Eden: The Killers of Twofold Bay forward to October 31, 2013...and out with Capt. Jim and an encounter with J and K pod whales...see prior post...
... I was reviewing my images, I zoomed in to look at the chin up or spyhop image of one of the whales...
...then I clicked on the next image...
...and the next...
...and... if we did this surely we'd drown!

I remembered about Tom...
I'm glad the whales here
 in these waters are 
not into towing little boats...
then again kayakers, paddle boarders, 
and small craft might be in 
for a whale of a ride :)

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