Saturday, December 13, 2014

12-13-14 Take Action for the Salmon and for the Whales

Saturday, December 13th

...some people have been asking what they can it is...

A group formed from the C.A.L.F. workshop in November, that was hosted by The Whale Museum, has launched The Southern Resident Killer Whale Salmon Initiative to bring attention to get the Snake River dams removed.  
In talking with one of the organizers she shared with me; "This (removal of the Snake River dams) appears to be the single most effective and quickest hope for increasing Chinook salmon abundance.  Studies show that coastal Chinook is critical if the SRKW's are going to survive and recover." 

I encourage you to click on the link, read the text and consider signing the petition.  This is action you can take.

Wild Chinook have been on the decline for many years. It's no longer time for more studies, talk, and inaction. 
No salmon, no orca. 
Plain and simple.

The Fraser River Chinook salmon are also critical to the survival of the Southern Resident Killer Whales.  Since the Fraser River is in a different country there are additional challenges. 
Bringing the issue front and center in the U.S. may help increase and raise the conversation in Canada.  

The whales know no boundaries. 
It's time for us to model them and work as one to resolve this problem.

Please read/sign the petition today and share it with friends.
If you're not sure why, then read the Preliminary Necropsy Report written by the head of the Center for Whale Research, Ken Balcomb, who was present at the necropsy of Rhapsody J-32.


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