Wednesday, April 1, 2015

4-1-15 We Know Who Our Moms Are!

Wednesday, April 1

First I need to clarify:  I am not a researcher. Somewhere along the way in the last few days that got added by my name, one of the images of J-52 (now official) Just posted from the Center for Whale Research the 'surprise baby' from March 30th.
I feel that using that term for me is disrespectful to those who actually are researchers.  Too easily 'tags' can get put on things that are incorrect.
However, I am a keen observer of these whales when, where, and however I can see them, but a researcher I am not.  My desire is to find the stories they have to tell and right now, oh, boy, is there ever a story!

Everyone wants to know, 'who's the mom?'
Now the guessing game has begun.
So to make it fun this post is not telling you much information, because there isn't much, only hoping to help keep us all wondering until the whales decide to let us know.  Hopeful we all are, that on the next encounter all members of J pod will be present.

But for now...
Three females in the J16 family group.
One female from another.
And then there's three month old J-50.

J-50 says:

... 'she's my mom...' wait, 'she's my mom...' wait, 'she's my mom...'

...'he's not my mom, that's my brother!'
...'and here's a J pod cousin, Suttles J-40...'
...'glad she is here, but I'm not sure why...'

...'and this little kid even younger than me...'

...'my mom hasn't told me much just yet...'

...'I know that kid is too young for play....'

...'but maybe not, that kid just came my way!'
...'now that we're born and J-51 too'...

...'to keep us alive you know what we need'...
...'it's salmon of course, well our moms do now'...

...'and some day we'll be chasing and eating it too'...

...'so please do all you can to restore the salmon for us.'

Salmon, salmon, salmon are what the whales need most.  
All the enthusiasm for these new babies is wonderful!
Now look at what you can do to help them survive.
Immediate differences and differences that will see results in the future.
Sign the petition (upper right corner of this blog) pass it on to friends.  
Stop using toxic ingredients on your lawns and down your drains...and the list goes on.
Think natural.

...and as they all moved along...all together now, giving us no clue as who belongs to who!
If you love them then do all you can to save them!

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Valerie said...

Great blog Jeannie! All so very exciting! I cannot imagine how you felt seeing that new calf for the first time and thinking your eyes were playing tricks on you! I vote to name L-52 Jeannie!

Jeanne said...

Hi Valerie!
You're too funny! Clarification - it's J-52 not L-52. In all the excitement I've made mistakes too and others have as well.:)

I'd have to be dead to have a whale named after me...I'd rather stick around a while and watch them if that's okay!