Wednesday, December 7, 2016

12-7-16 We Now Know Which Direction They Went

Wednesday, December 7th
                                          Oh, what a surprise! 
On Dec 5th when J Pod was heard over the Lime Kiln hydrophones I could not determine their final we know - it was North.
                                 Because today they came South!

...the whales were spread out except for that first rowdy group...

It looked like Cookie J-38 and DoubleStuf J-34 way offshore but could not be sure on that.  There were others even farther off than them. CWR was out there so they'll have more.
Tsuchi J-31 was in the rowdy group that came past the lighthouse, others with her were Shachi J-19, Eclipse J-41, Nova J-51, Hy'Shqa J-37, T'ilem I'nges J-49 (?), Suttles J-40, maybe another one or two.
Some of the J16s - Slick J-16, Scarlet J-50, Echo J-42, Mike J-26 came along a while later.
The last seen within camera reach were J17 and calf and one other (likely Kiki J-53 and Moby J-44), but two of them veered offshore before getting an image...J17 was the only image of that group of 3. All three of us saw mom and calf surfacing as they approached...

The last few times the whales have shown up there have been many 'burp' sounds prior to...I believe they are fish other words something is moving before the whales show up and then after the whales are gone from the area those fish sounds stop.  Here is what the burp sound (fish sound) sounds like: 

If you are interested here is the prior post where I had tracked it all... 

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