Friday, January 13, 2017

1-11-17 It's the Art of It All

Wednesday, January 13th
 - whether carrying it or wearing it -
...for the Seahawks playoff game on 1/14 - Sequim K-12 is set to go!!

on Wednesday - 1/11
 ...this BC ferry...built on the other side of the world...this ship was built in Poland...
...with the help of my friend, Ron, it was tracked all the way through the Panama Canal and along South America and up the west coast...
...we were trying to figure out if it would pass through Haro Strait in the daylight or not... was close - made it by 8 a.m.

...I wanted to see this ferry because of the artwork...I had seen pictures but I wanted to see it with my camera!

It's all about the artwork!'s likely the only time it will be in these waters is when it goes to Esquimalt, near Victoria, BC, for maintenance.

No word on the J16s since January 9th...

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