Sunday, April 9, 2017

4-9-17 The T18s - Transient Killer Whales

Sunday, April 9th certainly has been several days of transient killer whales...and with so many Steller sea lions hauled out at Green Pt. on Spieden Island...124 hauled out and at least another 25 in the water!  
...another day another encounter with Ts...only this time different ones...a family group of four, who are usually seen by themselves...referred to as the T18s,  -  T18, T19 both females.  I don't think their relationship is known but T18 is always with this group.
...T19 has two living offspring - T19B aka Mr. Floppy actually is a bit straighter but when he was about 14 it leaned even more...and his brother T19C who is about 6 years younger... can tell from a great distance when the T18s are present because of T19B.'s another angle of him, coming toward you.


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