Saturday, December 30, 2017

12-30-17 Killer Whales - Ts - Quite Exciting These Days

Saturday, December 30th has been a busy time, mainly nighttime, hearing Ts over the hydrophones -  12-24, 12-26, 12-27, and 12-28, for a total of over 6 hours.  Ts were seen a few times in a few different places, but I either got there too late or they were not in any area nearby.  
I was beginning to think I was destined to only hear orcas over the hydrophones and not ever see one again!
...but yay! that changed today when I got to the right spot at the right time - whew!  The pics are not that great, but they provided enough info...
...there was no way I was going to attempt to ID from my camera and so glad that when I got home I got the pics onto the computer and looked right away...and what a surprise!
...when I realized there were two babies I began to wonder if those 'endearing- sounding calls' (JB said they sounded like puppies) on the night of 12-24-17 were from these whales.  Of course we'll never know for sure... is a sample of those calls from that evening:
It sure is fun to wonder about.

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