Sunday, September 23, 2018

9-23-18 Whale Days Like Today

Sunday, September 23rd
...What's it like to sit on the shoreline and watch whales for hour upon hour?

...Amazing is what it is..
...Being September, it's been more quiet of boats.
...Private boats have been more respectful when the whales have been present.
   Thank YOU! It's wonderful to see more awareness.
...the Whale Warning Flag might be helping in that...
...the tanker, bulk carriers, etc. who are participating in the ECHO Program - a voluntary vessel slow down are also slowing down, which in-turn reduces the noise, which helps the whales when foraging...Thank YOU!
...the people who come to visit are asking questions, not questions like 'when do they breach' but questions that reveal that all that Tahlequah J-35 went through, was not for naught, but that she 'spoke to the world'. Thank YOU for caring!

...a few images, from today... was especially, special...when they came up to the lighthouse and proceeded to spend the next 3...oh, no, it turned into 4 hours... was good to see Tahlequah J-35 mixed in with others - Hy'Shqa J-37 and Oreo was an afternoon of foraging...
...the whales were spread all the way down island...
...our hope is that they are getting enough to eat...

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