Friday, August 9, 2019

8-9-19 THREE SRKWs Dead-A Call To Action

Friday, August 9

On August 6, the Center for Whale Research announced that Princess Angeline J-17 and Scoter K-25 had died.  Both had been in declining health for several months.  There was a time when it seemed that there was a chance for them to recover, but it wasn't to be.  When it was also announced that Nyssa L-84 was was missing and presumed dead, that just hit me, and likely everyone else, very hard. 

The next morning..."buck it up, get with the program...there are 73 Southern Resident orcas who are doing their best to survive in these terrible times."

-Ignoring what is facing them, and ultimately us, is not an option.
-Going about life as you have been, is no longer an option.
-What are you willing to do?
   -Not just for the whales,
   -For your children, your friends' children, your grandchildren,
   -For generations to come.

Would you miss the whales if they were no longer?
  ...miss seeing them, hearing them over the hydrophones, hearing about them?

You know caring about the Southern Resident Endangered orcas means you are willing to make changes in your life to help them.
Your helping the whales, is actually:
  -helping the eco-system
   -helps the salmon
   -helps the orcas
   -and helps you, your family and future generations.

Here's an IdeaBoardz-PODs Challenge
Thanks to The Whale Museum for creating this. You can go to TWM's Facebook page and read the text.  It's inspiring and a call to action for each of us to make changes.
It's just getting started...
J = Join in.
K = Knowledge is power.
L = Learn from others. know, each-one-teach-one.


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