Saturday, September 7, 2019

9-7-19 Humpbacks In the Distance

Saturday, September 7th

...I promised some ladies who were watching these two humpbacks offshore today... was a surprise when someone came into the lighthouse and said, "there are whales out there!"...duh, let's go have a look...

...these images will give you an idea of what we saw...and they were repeated many times over while we watched these humpbacks...

...we watched for quite a while as they came up Haro Strait far offshore...yet still gets one's attention and the people watching were sharing binoculars.

Thanks everyone who was watching this afternoon (close to 5 pm) - and especially the lady from Ohio (I think) - she'd never seen anything like this before!  What a fun afternoon it was!

Just a note:  if you are going on a trip to see wildlife, bring a good pair of binoculars - there are times they really come in handy!!

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