Tuesday, November 24, 2020

11-23-2020 Everyday is Different

November 23rd

Everyday is different and sometimes amazing!

notice the time on these first few images...2 birds within 10 minutes!

...lots of Bonaparte's gulls this morning...there was something way south of the Park that would surface once and then not again for what seemed like several minutes...thought it was too big for a sea lion but behavior didn't indicate a humpback either...only saw it a couple times...then about 2 hours later that mystery being surfaced right off the lighthouse - a humpback feeding...no deep dives because the HB wasn't in deep water - too close to the shore...just before the HB did this I saw a lot of leaping tiny forage fish!  The HB continued the 'low profile' behavior and continued north and had moved way offshore toward Canada.

...everyday is different - that's for sure!

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