Wednesday, August 4, 2021

8-4-2021 Cappuccino K-21

 post date: August 4

It came as a shock to all. To see the images of Cappuccino in his last moments of life broke hearts of many humans.  What about the whales?  They know they must continue on. Opus K-16 and Sonata K-35 are who he traveled with for the the last several years. 

Looking back at audio and video and images here are a few memories of Cappuccino.  His presence will be greatly missed by his pod and their community as well as the humans who have at the opportunities to have their own cherished memories of him. 

The following all occurred on the same day a few years ago.


Here's what 'they said'...

a few hours's what they looked have to 'wait for it'...

Most often when a whale in this community has died the only determination is that they are not seen with any other community members of any of J, K, of L pods.  The Center for Whale Research makes the determination when enough time has gone by to conclude the animal is presumed to have died.
This time it's different.
Cappuccino was seen.
Horrible? Yes.
A call to action. 
Action that will make a difference.
Everything you do has an impact.
On what? THE PLANET.
Are your actions restorative? 
Are they destructive?

The cause of Cappuccino's death might not ever be known.
Age?  Not necessarily.  A nice scape-goat.
Starvation? Possible
Toxins?  released due to starvation, possible.
One leads to the other.

Will the humans ever get it right?
 Cappuccino, I hope so but I'm afraid they won't.

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