Wednesday, May 11, 2022

5-11-2022 Transient Orcas Passing the Lighthouse


These next two are zoomed in and not very sharp in focus, but enough to be able to pick up the small notches and the 'wonky' dorsal fin, each on a different orca.

In order to learn the identifications of the whales one needs to find what pieces of information they can gather from their photos and then later go and look for that/those specific whales in the DFO catalog (for Transients/aka Biggs orcas.  When doing so with SRKWs the Center for Whale Research holds the official ID book on J, K & L pods. 
So, you got to see the whales and then you get to go and spend time (sometimes hours) figuring out who was actually present - it's just like having that encounter all over again!

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