Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1-28-15 K-12 Is Ready for the Big Game

Wednesday, January 28th

Sequim K-12... just had to get her in on the fun...hanging off the flag are salmon - she doesn't want you to forget about how much they need salmon!

Sequim is the only living whale in the Southern Resident Community with a number 12.  There's a 22 in each of the pods, there is a 42 in two of the pods, there is one 72, 82, and one 92 in one of the pods, but there is only one 12 and she is ready for the big day!

Back on January 25th...
...after hearing only one call in the night on 1-23, the next day no whales were seen...but the following morning, 1-25, they came down San Juan Channel very early in the morning. (They sure didn't stay very long this time.)

I didn't know they had been seen when I began hearing them, at about 10 a.m., over the Lime Kiln hydrophones. They certainly didn't sound too far away.  That evening I learned that at the time I was hearing them they really were very far.
The seas were flat calm and conditions had to be just right for their calls to reach the hydrophones. No wonder I couldn't find a whale in all my searching...they were way beyond visual sight!

I haven't 'heard' from the whales since that day...and the 'big game' day is often a time when they show up!

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