Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1-6-15 Each Whale Has a Story to Tell

Tuesday, January 6th
...lots going on and yet nothing...
...with the birth of new calf J-50 there have been and still are many questions that are waiting to be answered...
...and with the death of Rhapsody J-32 last month that too presented many questions...

Over the past ten plus years I've gotten to know these whales.  Sometimes who they are is easily seen and others, not so.  I've blogged about them and what I've seen.  Last summer I began to put some of their stories together in short booklets highlighting things about them, through my eyes, as to who they are.
It all began with creating a gift for someone who is an orca adopter.  I made two booklets for her, one of Tika K-33 and the other of Cali K-34, her adopted whales.  It was so well received that she asked if I would make one for Granny J-2, which I did.  And then, Rhapsody's death occurred.  Someone else asked me to write about her and who she was.  It wasn't easy to find her voice because she was more than just a whale known as 'the breacher', but finally I did.  And the way I did was through the process of creating the booklet.
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The whales and their stories are intertwined.  Each booklet, which is 10 to 15 pages, highlights events I have witnessed about that individual, what specific things they have done, and their interactions with others. An example:  Granny is the star of her booklet but without the others there would be no story. However, she would be mentioned in others booklets because she participated in their stories.
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Each whale has something to teach us about them.
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I've met some as newborns and others when they were already in their late years. Ten years was a good time to do this,  Hopefully, in another several years I will be able to add to their stories.
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Not all of the whales will have booklets.  Some booklets will include the entire family group.  They are a work in progress right now and take time to create.  Each booklet is $12 plus tax in WA and shipping.  Shipping costs are about $5 U.S. for one booklet.  The total cost would be between $16 and $20 shipped in the U.S., dependent on postal costs.

I've made a few.
Granny J-2
Baba L-26 (deceased) with parts of it about Ballena L-90 and Crewser.
Tika K-33
Cali K-34
Rhapsody J-32 (in memory of) (deceased 12-4-14)
Eclipse J-41
T'ilem I'nges J-49  (even at his young age there was lots to tell)
Comet K-38 
Jade L-118 is in progress...some of these have been requested.

I'm finding that each booklet takes 40 or more hours to create.  Each is a glimpse into the life of the focused whale. And each one I complete becomes my favorite! - just like the whales they are all so different.

If you want one of a whale that I haven't yet created for, order it and I'll make it up.  

You can order through me or they are also available through The Whale Museum - price is different.

You can contact me at:  whaleofapurpose@yahoo.com

-this post updated 2-9-15


Anonymous said...

These books are so well done and with loving attention to give one great snippets into the whales and their ways.
Having two of the books myself, I would highly recommend them as a must have.
Thanks Jeanne :)

Jeanne said...

Thank you so much for your comments. I'm so glad you like the books!