Tuesday, January 5, 2016

1-5-16 'Game On' Say the Whales to the Humans!

Tuesday, January 5th
...late afternoon 'three groups' of whales spotted, coming in, and they were not too far away...

(...okay, so a bit of humor here...)
...Game On...

- 1 point for the whales
... cloudy and getting close to dark when first spotted...

- 0 point for the humans:
...who could they be? Residents or Transients?
Rs and Ts have been seen in their own large groups in the past.

- 1 point for the humans:
...location located - coming through Baynes Channel
 -verification call heard over Lime Kiln and Orca Sound at the same time with about a 1to2 second delay.
-30 minutes later another, same situation - both hydrophones with the delay, one call.

- 1 point for the humans:
- those calls revealed it is Residents.

- 2 points for the whales:
- one hour passes - no calls
- second hour passes - no calls

1 point for the humans:
-loud clear J Pod calls, loud clear K Pod calls,
-echolocation clicks galore

Game analysis:
-Information:  'three groups'  'sounded like an L Pod 'signature call'
no other information available.

Hearing an L pod signature call might cause one to think it is L Pod. 

However, Onyx L-87, travels with J Pod and not L Pod.

L Pod has 35 whales in their pod, made up of several family groups.
They often travel as three groups.
The L12s, L54s (now with L-84 and L-88), and the 4 family groups - L26s, L4s, L43, L47s.

You have 34 whales if you add up J Pod and friends who were here the other day - 29 Js + 1 L (Onyx L-87 who travels with Js) + the K14 family of 4 who were with them the other day. 

And the rest of K Pod (16) had been in the area several days ago.  They could be there too.

But then there was something else!
A lot of J and K pod calls and some really funny sounding calls too.

It's not about who wins or loses 'the game', but about how you allow the whales to draw you into their world.
To listen, to watch, and yet to never to fully understand them or why you are fascinated by them.
It's their gift to you.
In return, let us give them the gift of healthy oceans and abundant food.

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