Monday, October 23, 2017

10-23-17 A Bit of Harbor Seal - Video

Monday, October 23rd

...during this year, from time to time, I have posted about the waters on the west side of San Juan Island and how something is wrong, to me anyway.  I've noticed it all year. Changes would occur when salmon came through.  And since that was few and far between, it was pretty bleak on the west side - a stretch from about Hannah Heights to the north part of Andrews Bay.  I didn't do it all summer but most of it.  When the SRKWs came in, most of the time, ahead of them there were some changes, but not like in years past.

And with the recent Chum salmon run there was a huge difference in other marine life - because one of the missing links - salmon - a lot!! - were passing through!

So this morning when I noticed some bait fish and gulls I went and looked outside.

Here's a short video.  It's on Vimeo.  Just click on the link

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