Saturday, October 7, 2017

10-7-17 Salmon and Floodgates-CBC News Article

Saturday, October 7th

This article is one of the most 'concrete' pieces of 'cause and affect' that I have seen. The next best piece would be to act on it.

This is from CBC News, posted on October 4th:

The Southern Residents want Fraser River salmon, and it is said that they want the Chinook because they are the biggest.  This fall the Chinook took a bump up in #s returning, that is for several days.
The Southern Residents also eat Chum salmon.  At about the same time, Chum salmon took a much bigger bump up in numbers, and those numbers are staying pretty strong. The Albion test fishery chart from Sep 7 - Oct 6:  Chinook 192 to Chum 1,134 and they are only setting test nets every other day.

Last I know of, J Pod was many miles north of the Fraser...that must be where the salmon are - coming back to the Fraser via the north.

added 10-13:  J Pod did come down a couple days ago and went west. 

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