Thursday, July 26, 2018

7-25-18 SRKW J35 and the Loss of Her Baby

It was learned on 7/24 that Tahlequah had a newborn and the baby died. 
24 hours later, to see her still pushing the baby...

As we humans watch, wait - for action to be taken to save these whales from death, we now have Tahlequah J-35 whose newborn died. She is a mother and loves that baby. Her family knew a baby was about to be born. The rest of the SRKW community likely did too. Tahlequah didn't just accept it and move on. NO...she kept that baby with her the next day, kept pushing the baby to surface. When she passed by the lighthouse, Suttles J-40 and Star J-46 were assisting her, helping to keep the baby at the surface. Not only is she morning the loss of her baby, SHE WON'T LET GO. Neither should we. I woke this morning thinking of not only the physical aspect of her having a calf and losing it, but the stress she is experiencing. What about eating? She can't take time out to eat when her job as a mother is to protect her baby, and that means keeping that baby at the surface. Those who are assisting her are stressed as well, but doing the job that they know they must do to help her. Every member of this SRKW community is at risk and every member of the SRKW community is needed to keep this endangered population alive. My heart breaks....

The Snake River may be far away but holds a major key to restoring wild salmon runs.  The SRKWs don't have time for more studies.  They can't eat studies!  Take action, call your elected officials to get the dams breached.  

Watch the Dammed To Extinction trailer  

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