Sunday, July 29, 2018

7-29-18 Is It Back-to-Normal for the Whales?


Today, Tahlequah J-35 continued to carry her calf.  
This was day six.

Today the rest of J Pod returned.
Tahlequah's family came down Boundary Pass and into Haro Strait.
They passed Lime Kiln lighthouse, going down island.
The rest of J Pod came up island at the same time.
They met up.

The feelings of relief came over many of us.
Their family was back together, at least for today.

To witness them joining back up was heartfelt.
They met their friends.
They traveled north.

Is it over? Will things get back to normal?
What is 'over'?
What is 'back to normal'?

Normal is having enough food to eat.
Normal is having healthy babies, who will live a long life.
Normal is having space to live their lives.
Normal is freedom from stress.

Begin to look at these whales of J, K, and L Pods differently.
They have given the humans an opportunity to understand.
They are like us.
We are like them.

Respecting our neighbors, means respecting the whales and their aquatic world.
Celebrating these orcas is a privliege and not a right.


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