Friday, May 21, 2021

5-21-2021 Taking A Look Back

Taking a look back...a memory image of Granny J-2.

There are so many who have wonderful memories of Granny.  Think about them and I bet you will find a smile on your face.

And something interesting to consider.  Back in 2009 I don't think there were drone studies on the whales. So here's something to consider.  I don't know when/if anyone knew at any time between May 2008 and Feb 2009 that Samish J-14 was pregnant.  Maybe, maybe not. Maybe this is something to remember...note that on the image it says 'it was NOT KNOWN at the time' but maybe it was, I just didn't know :)

Special Thank You, to Capt. Jim & his boat, Peregrine, for that wild day!

...Okay, the last of the Juncos...for a while...
Two days ago I heard a sound that stopped was the newly hatched chicks...they don't sound like chirping birds but more like clicks and as one friend put birds echolocating!!
Turn Up the Volume

...and the feeding frenzy is underway...

...back to orcas...

...looking at the image on the left - coming towards you, the hook at the top of his dorsal fin is about the only piece of information as to who it might be.  If that was your only image it might be challenging to identify who it was, other than knowing it was a Transient (Bigg's). 
But if you got the opportunity to get another image from a different angle - you just got a flood of information. Chainsaw T063. Here he is from the profile:

...notice too how far forward his saddle patch is...SRKWs are not like that...

This image is from 2016

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