Friday, September 17, 2021

9-17-2021 Early Morning SRKWs

Foggy and rainy but not yet windy...good, because there are whales on the hydrophones! That was early this morning.

The first part are K Pod  'kitten sounding calls' then a slight break and J Pod calls. These would be common to listen for when learning to distinguish between these two pods.  Listen for the difference tone. To me, K Pod is higher pitched than J Pod. (note: this morning there did not appear to be any L Pod calls.)

They were spread out as they came down Haro Strait, some foraging as they moved down island.  Some were so far off shore they were barely visible. But that's what they do these days. 

No matter how distant seeing the SRKWs is always special.  And since they are already wet it was okay for me to get wet too!

Thank you!...J and K pod whales for the gift of your presence. 

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