Tuesday, June 23, 2015

6-23-15 Whale Rumors

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updated June 24th -  only 9 hours left to get your shirt to help and to show your support of saving these endangered whales!

Saturday, June 20th

...after a rumor was started that there was a superpod inbound on Saturday afternoon and all the whale community around these parts was a buzz - partially because maybe just maybe the whales would be here for Orca Sing, an event that goes on each year around summer solstice...
...well the whales did make it in but not to the summer solstice event...there was NOT a superpod in the true sense of the word...J pod, K pod, and the 15 L pod whales were the ones who made it in...there are about 18 others who were not present...
...someone suggested he start a rumor - what would it be?
a few chimed in and the best answer was that the whales would be wearing the Breach the Lower 4 Snake River Dams T-shirt! 
...now if you don't want to be upstaged by a whale then you better hurry up and order your shirt!  Updated 6/24 - it's the last day to order.  (11:49 a.m.) Only 9 hours left! These shirts won't be available after 9 hours!  

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